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She drinks a champagne dream

Well, it finally happened. My mouse was already in its death spasms. When I freaked out and pounded on it, three times or a dozen, so hard that the phone jumped off the hook then back on, then back off and so on, well, I just euthanized it.

I'm using Mouse Keys now. Boy oh BOY does it suck compared to the Mac version. Did you know that it doesn't even disable the typing functions of the keypad? How stupid is that? I can't move the mouse cursor down without typing a two or scrolling downward.

Again, Macs are so much better.

You know, the mouse and pad take up valuable drink coaster space... this wouldn't be so bad (in fact, I preferred mouse keys on the mac, because they're easier to use while typing) if not for the retardation inherent in Microsoft's design. Admittedly, there are times when I want a key to do two things at once, but when I scroll diagonally to click a hyperlink, I don't need to have the entire page page down. That makes things REALLY hard. If I want a page down, I will use the six keys above the arrow pad.

Can anyone help me out here?

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