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Oh, Dearest Internet

Dear Internet Kiddies (cause this is, once again, mostly the kids):

Strikethrough links on mouse hover is SO STUPID! What is it, like everything you want to click is automatically so STUPID that it gets crossed out? What's the point of strikethrough? It's not an accent like bold or underline. It's a negation. Oooh, nihilism is SOOoooOOOOoo cool. Yeah, maybe in the 1930's it was.

What, you're doing it because it hasn't been done? Just because links have been traditionally underscored or bolded? Not all traditions are inherently bad. Find the root in the tradition before you blanketly admonish it. Just because bolding, underscoring, highlighting, color changing, overscoring; those have all been done; because of that you strikethrough? Oooh, that's good thinking. Since you've already tried fucking everything else in the house, why not try fucking your sister, you inbred sack of genetic pollution.

After all, it worked for your daddy.
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