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The Drop of Science

Powered By Fusion
I think of her now; I can see her face
Eyes that reflect the distance of space
The twinkle of stars and the void where they swim
Powered by fusion, burning within

Solar and stellar, there's nothing I tell her
The emptiness cannot swallow
Resonant and resilient, holy and hollow
Deeper into her, abyss I follow

Memory shines with ethereal grace
As I reach out to touch what was of her face
My hand passes through and falls deeper in
The uneventful horizon set in her skin

Phasing and free, two eye singularity
Holes of black that grasp
Fiction and friction, both can grasp
Vacuum silences the dying's rasp

HooAH! I can write spacey lovelorn lyrics like Hum and Ian Saint Ian and even Failure. I am the man.

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