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A Distant Hum.

I have been listening to much Ian Saint Ian... I think it might be time for Hum. The five day waiting period begins.

Yes, I have a five day waiting period before I can listen to Hum. You kids know what it does to me. I have to consider it very carefully; it's powerful stuff.

April Fool's Day jokes are funnier when they're not pulled on April 1st. Then people aren't expecting them.

Mi Supervisa at work es una explicativo deletado. She is endeavoring to give herself Thursdays off so she can spend them with her boyfriend, who is also off that day. Thursdays are our 11 hour day, and are usually therefore a no-no, but with the training schedule, everything is jumbled up and the managers aren't always around to run the checks and balances. This Thursday will be my third in a row working all 11 hours (not coming in late or leaving early, as we usually do), her second in a row off, and next week everyone's in training pretty much, so I will probably have to work it AGAIN. I have voiced my displeasure.

Then, I am with a customer on a complicated and hi-dollah transaction, and she just walks away (as four people are walking in the door), takes the other teller, and goes into the vault for seven minutes. I told her I needed her authorization. It didn't get to me as it has in the past; I didn't fume. I just stood staring at the vault door and waited for her to come out. Yep, those customers loved waiting. I packed up the cash and went to lunch before I said anything, but I'll probably make mention of it later. If that fails, it's going to a manager.

I'll do it, I swear. Hey, who took my red stapler? It was a Swingline...

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