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Saw the Velvet Teen tonight. Oh, yes. I got the next to last of the plus/minus/equals pin set, plus two discs.

I also picked up live Jawbreaker, with the infamous Accident Prone, Jawbox's Grippe, and Meat Puppets "Monsters". I also grabbed some Kara's Flowers from the eighty-eight cent bin because this kid says they're rad.

I will do listening if I ever wake up. I listened to Accident Prone, but only because I had to. I have work at eight-and-a-half a.m. tomorrow, and I need to renew some liberry books. Crap crap crap.

Logan and the band were the nicest ever, and they didn't make me feel like some weird groupie kid for hanging out with them. Logan and I kept each other company for a decent part of the evening, which was cool. We don't get to talk much, but he's busy and I don't really have much to say. I talked his ear off tonight, though. Boy howdy! I hope he didn't mind. Josh and Judah and Lauren and Kathryn (?) were all very nice. The people they were staying with seemed kind of weird an aloof and indie blah blah, though. And they smoked A LOT. ick.

I am home again. It's pathetic.

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