The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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Silhouette, silhouette, how black is your heart?

Fuck your love. Fuck your concept of completion in another person, your perfect mirror image. If you hold an unfinished symphony up to a mirror, perpendicular to the silvered glass, does it become a completed opus?

Fuck your greed, your selfish longing. You expect there to be someone set aside, just for you, in this world. You want someone to love you above all others. Fuck you. Love your own god-damned self. Love yourself first and foremost and you won't need someone else to do it for you. How can someone love you first, themself second, and still be happy? They can't. And yet you want that. What have you done, then, to deserve their love? Nothing. Fuck your nothing. You seek to make them miserable. And if they think of escaping the misery they find themselves in, whether self-imposed, or brought on by you, their lover, you become viciously angry and fiercely protective, you insecure fuck. And that's love? No, it's control. You're looking for control of others because you cannot control yourself. Shut the fuck up, stop whining, and live for a god-damned minute.

Fuck you for creating this world. Fuck you for perpetuating it. Fuck you for saturating the media with it. Fuck you for trying to control my mind and impose your misery on all subsequent generations. Fuck you for making the obvious into a realization. Fuck you for making me feel this way.

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