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What the Dickens?

The setting is a porch swing outside the home of the Dickenses. Father and son are having a heart-to-heart.

Mike Dickens: "Dad, I'm having a problem lately at school. It seems like every girl wants my Dicken Cider."
Richard Dickens: "Son, that's because every girl does want your Dicken Cider."
Richard Dickens: "You can bet your teacher wants your Dicken Cider, too."
Mike Dickens: "But what do I do, dad?"
Richard Dickens: "Well, son... I was about your age when I gave it up. I just started letting every girl have my damn Dicken Cider."
Mike Dickens: "Well, Dad, I already let Betty Jo Cumslutt have my Dicken Cider. Is that ok?"
Richard Dickens: "Hell yes! I still let your mom have my Dicken Cider. She still asks for it all the time."
Richard Dickens: "Confidentially, even my secretary wants my Dicken Cider. Who am I to refuse?"
Richard Dickens: "So, son, serve it up, nice and hot. Because every girl likes a Dicken Cider."

A Dark and Dysthymatic Joint.

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