The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

RootNegOne: heh
RootNegOne: i may have my comp backed up tonight
RootNegOne: i hope to have freeBSD up by tomorrow
Vedkar: Chain of thought
Vedkar: You made me think of that joke about the fat person in line at McDonalds with the pager
Vedkar: Backing up
Vedkar: and then since you're on the phone with your girl, you made me think of it in terms of a 'yo girlfriend so fat' joke
Vedkar: Which led me to think about backing up your gf
Vedkar: Which is not a bad idea.
Vedkar: Because it's not keeping another woman on the side
Vedkar: It's still your girlfriend
RootNegOne: ha
Vedkar: Just a copy of her
RootNegOne: need a gf burner
Vedkar: In case something goes wrong with her
RootNegOne: heh
RootNegOne: which they never ever do around me
Vedkar: As girls are wont to
RootNegOne: hrm
RootNegOne: i'm not sure if it would be good or bad for them to combine resources
Vedkar: And though it may be identical, it won't be the identity.
Vedkar: Oh, definitely bad
Vedkar: Except in cheap pronos
RootNegOne: well
RootNegOne: it would double good food output too
Vedkar: This is not cheap porn. This is quality sci-fi!
Vedkar: Ha!
Vedkar: We have not dated the same girls
RootNegOne: nope

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