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I've found a new goof for Commando. The thing is; am I film geek enough to submit it?

The thing is this: when Bennett is impaled on the steampipe, the end is obviously frosted with condensation because the gas coming out is cold, not hot like steam would be.

Nah, I think I will just keep it to myself. ;)

This has got to be the best guy movie ever. Pure testosterone. Can you even consider it being made in the fifties?

"Honey, I'm home! Oh, drat, she's been kidnapped by my old enemies from dubya dubya two. Golly gosh and, well, darn it, Hitler. I'm going to have to go get you, right after church. Shucks."

God bless the decade of excess.

Oh, and I found an incorrect goof (the last one). The jetliner was not flying to Val Verde, but rather to the country where Arnold was supposed to assassinate the president. I think maybe only one of you will understand when I say: *

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