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Eye of the Zombie

Consumed by a deep-seated frustration at life in general, I opted to play some Goldeneye tonight during the Simpsons. Well, I was doing it to kill time between having achieved my goal of page seven hundred in Atlas $hrugged and the Simpsons, but something made me not want to quit, mid-mission, when seven o'clock rolled around. So I shunted the cable box output to my secondary set (the trusty black and white) while I continued to Goldeneye. I'll be damned if I didn't beat two levels which had been frustrating me since I gave up on them last month. I had to sacrifice some headshot percentage, but I was working a lot more on instinct (one of the few times I've been faster than a drone gun, rather than having to outsmart it).

Either there's something to this meditation business; a whole day spent on nothing but the reading of a good book and the contemplation of one's ability to achieve a goal—any goal—or there's only so much frustration at not achieving that a man can take before he becomes a ruthless, efficient killing machine.

Actually, I'm hoping for both.

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