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Is this thing on?

If you're a fan of my poetry, you're in luck. If not, skip to something interesting.

First off is a punk-type song that is way too long to actually be a punk song:
Short (Not Blame)
Sell your life
Sell your life
But save your soul for me

Sell your life
Sell your life
For anything but free

Save yourself
Save yourself
For anyone but me

Sell yourself
Sell yourself
Anything but short

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
If you've got the time

Save your life
Save your life
I'm too busy living mine

Save yourself
Save yourself
I don't think I've got the time

Save your breath
Save your breath
I can't listen to you whine

Shut your mouth
Shut your mouth
I ache like you can't believe

I hate myself
I hate myself
I don't know why I even breathe

Recreate myself
Recreate myself
Next time won't be the same

Kill myself
Kill myself
I don't feel any pain

I killed myself
Killed myself
Only silence and smoke remain
not blame

When you touched me, it felt weird
Almost just the way I'd feared
I've pulled back in retreat
But you won't admit to defeat

This feels so strange and I am scared
More than just my soul is bared
There's nothing here I can say
I want to just run away

There's no way I can escape
Whatever this is; it's not quite rape
I know you don't mean any harm
Why am I retracting in alarm?

On the inside, I'm wishing this had never come to pass
On the outside, I'm just feeling like an ass
Because in the end, nothing I do or say
Can make the way you touched me ever go away

Optional Chorus (w/ Harmony; sing parts in parentheses at the same time, both sing parts not in parentheses)
(What you just did / You smashed apart)
(Smashed my / My fragile) heart
(And completely blew my mind / A feeling I've never had)
(But now I'm sad / You made me mad)
'Cause I know (we'll part and / in my right mind)
You'll get left behind

That song's not really about a physical touch, but I wanted to play with that feeling; the bad touch violation. It's really about someone revealing their feelings for you, and the way it can just weird you out. It's about just wishing that they could take back what they'd said, so things wouldn't be weird. Hence the title.

I'll escape
Some day
And behind me it will all burn
Or fade away

My rearview mirror's
Never been clearer
Leaving nothing behind me
Nothing remembered as long as nothing reminds me

Only future left
My past's no memory
A total blank
The void of space ebony
A desperate ploy
To begin again
To live anew
Until (I/my) end

"Escape is never the safest bet"
Fleeing from all I could never regret
A brand new me by moonset
A moment as me is all that's left

A n n i h i l a t e
auto- i m m o l a t e
I b u r n a w a y
T h e n r e - c r e a t e

Your pleas to me
Fall on deaf ears
I've never known you
All these years
What's come and gone
Never really existed
It lasted only as long
As the memory persisted

I'm starting again in a place (I've/you've) never seen
When you wake, it'll be like I've never been

I think that song's pretty self-explanatory, but I could be wrong. Any thoughts/reactions? Did anyone read all that?

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