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sand dunes rise across the night; that little fucker screams across the sand

We're braced to race
from place to place
You see that smile
Spread 'cross my face
No time to waste
It's time for haste

The engine starts
a catch in our hearts
There's no feeling
like this kind of reeling
I drop into second
tires peeling

No one's around
for miles now
Just the sound
of the air we plow
and blackwhite streaks
that might be cow

The radio's loud
both windows down
Squeeze out more power
Flash past the water tower
I see you smile
at ninety miles an hour

Straightaway ends
Brace now; I'm turning
I won't slow down
smell of rubber burning
the pistons roar
My engine churning
you're amazed now
But I'm still learning

precision shifting
two wheels lifting
You have no fear
as I catch third gear
back down to earth
as this turn we clear

It's just you, me, and Detroit steel
This is who we are, and this is how we feel.
Me, I ride the redline.
And you, you're so fine.

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