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gRand Designs

There is one thing, so far, that I have an issue with, and that's build. Every single person we're supposed to respect and admire as hardworking and diligent in Atlas is thin. Rand uses terms like gaunt, emaciated, thinness, and tall; always tall, at least for the men. I wouldn't make a point of it, except it seems she is making a point of it. Does she have something against fat people? Or does she just think that industrious, intelligent people are always just too thin for their bodies, by some obscure correlation? Maybe it's just female body issues; always hating fat, whether or not it belongs on your corpse-to-be.

Maybe she just dated an Italian grandmother and hated her. I dunno. I wish her heroes would diversify in body type. Or she could at least stop describing the exact same attribute. I mean, OK, WE GET IT. This character is going to be thin. We can tell from your overshadowing that character X is good while character Y is bad. We don't need to also therefore know their weight. We can extrapolate from the data you've given us in the first three chapters.

Christ Almighty. If John Galt turns out to be a skinny person, I will phlostigenate Ayn Rand personally.

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