The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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That is the bassline to Geddy Lee's "My Favorite Headache" coming out of my TV.

Fuck. Yeah.

Today I need a new top5

I am using lj-sema.

"I want to talk, but I haven't got much to say."

I think I'm going to get some knives and practice throwing them. Everything in this place is either wood or drywall. I nominate my closet door as a target. If I'm nice, I'll take down my brother's Ma Vie en Rose poster first, instead of using poor Ludovic as my target.

Until then, I am throwing knives of thought against the wormeaten planks of my journal. It's my favorite headache.

Oooh, Love for Sale. We're talking Heads, here. Talking ones.

There's a lyrics survey or something floating around. I might do it later. Right now, I need to eliminate.
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