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Those words only sound true coming from one pair of lips.

I think one of the biggest mistakes two people can make is to start talking about "us."

If things are rolling along swimmingly, why change things? If you have someone with whom you can talk about the whole gamut of things, why change the subject? I've noticed a general trend; people start struggling for things to talk about, they start hiding things, and they start taking things personally. They struggle for things to talk about because they want to talk about "us" instead of talking about all the things they used to talk about.

If the sunset's nice, I'm going to stare at the sunset. I am not going to go hunch myself over a desk writing about it. I am not going to run inside and telephone someone about it. I am going to watch it. And then, when it's over, I'm going to say, "That was a damn good sunset."

I'm sorry, that's the best way I can say it. Do you have any idea what I mean?

It's a damn shame there are people not being held and arms not holding, but what am I going to do about it? Write?

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