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I remember being a senior in high school. I was that kid who brought his own editions of the books we read from home to piss of the teacher and be nonconformist.

I still remember when we were doing the Jonathan Swift portion of the curriculum, and I had my copy of Gulliver's Travels, which was complete, as compared to the excerpts that our class reader had. One day the teacher was like, ok, we're going to do A Modest Proposal, and looked at me. I confidently showed her where it said on the cover of my book "...and Other Writings," opened up to the essay, and started reading.

My English teachers all hated/loved me. It was fun to toy with them like that. I should probably not marry an English teacher, though I'd be likely to, for just that reason.

Blah, I'm a conceited bastard. Feels good, though.

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