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My turn to make the building shake.

  • I am getting my rudiments back. I never lost the paradiddle, nor the flamadiddle. *snicker*

  • I am getting REALLY good at triplets. I don't even realize I'm doing them. And on eighth notes or faster... they must be practically thirty-second notes. If I can achieve sixty-fourth notes one one hand, I can do the legendary hundred-twentieighth notes with two hands.

  • Hemidemisemiquaver

  • I think I clocked my foot speed at six beats per foot per second. Gotta get faster. Though I hit with an incredible amount of force, hence the entire three-story building actually shaking. I wish I had a dynamometer to measure the force.

    It's in response to what felt like an earthquake upstairs last night, plus my general hatred of my downstairs neighbors loud-no taste-all hours of the morning music. Christ, was the full grown man upstairs physically wrestling with his two year old son, or does he just beat his family?

    "Walk away, walk away.

    So far away..."
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