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They come a-runnin' just as fast as they can

Cause every girl's crazy 'bout the ten digit span.

Yes, being able to memorize a ten digit number in under five minutes is impressive, at least to a cute twentisomething Jewish girl in scrubs.

Doing it twice in that same five minutes makes you like God. A god without a telephone number, granted, but you might've guessed I was not in top form this morning.

Excuses, excuses, I know. I should've commented on the scrubs, or the cost of matzoh, or something. The point is, I memorized the wrong ten digits, twice.

I'm still new at this whole picking up girls thing. I really shouldn't let something like someone else's faith intimidate me, but I guess I've been shut out enough for it to raise subconscious flags, whether or not I like it.

Crap, and I am now missing three darling ladies.

Gah, loneliness. Sometimes I like it, but for about an hour each day, I really feel the pangs of it.

"then come back, child, cause it's cold outside..."

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