The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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You won't end me this way.

Here you go, take a gander
play it cool, eyes meander
she's no fool, watch her pander
hey, big shot, can you land her?

What you don't see
you try to grasp
fumble for breast
come back with asp

Don't ask me why I drink
I ask why you don't think
I ask you to stop—
close your eyes
Can you see the lies?
Can you see her eyes?

And only a fool like you
would stop to taste the dew
Is it bitter? Is it delicious?
I'll never learn
I'm too concerned
with why the world's so vicious

So viscous,
Mind flies like a discus
thrown from Mt. Olympus
why do we buy the shit they pimp us?
Why, when you tasted lies
was your face surprised?
You expected wine?
Now gimme mine.

Pass it on down the line
Next to the fountain stands a sign
It says: "Lamneth"
struggling for breath
"Welcome to this life
it's time to meet with death."
You take a drink
I ask not why, but what you think

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