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"God! Shut up about Christmas already, Dark!"

I just won $10 on the instant lottery tickets my mother bought me. I think I'll use it to pay for my lj subscription. So merry Christmas to me. :)
Only problem is, PayPal and iBill have permanently denied my card because my address is incorrect. So now I have to call my bank and find out where I live officially before I can try again to subscribe. I'm going for the 6 month sub, because if I still want it in 6 mo. then I'll be giving Brad all that much more money.

Also another link from Eliza:
Nat Trammell, from this day forward you will also be known as Fanatical Commander.
Apropos? All I know is that when I first got the results, it said 'you' twice, at the end of one line and the start of the next. Maybe it's really an intelligence test.
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