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After all that...

I needed a new fucking NETWORK CARD. >=(

Je suis croix.

But I'm wired cabley now, so yay, I guess. It was a bitch right down to the last; the damn card didn't want to go into my computer (I blame Compaq's compactness) and then I had to install drivers with NO FLOPPY OR CD DRIVE.

And since I cancelled it the first time, it OF COURSE refused to admit after that (once I'd IM'ed myself the drivers from my mom's computer (and may I say I love how AIM just dumps your files in a directory? I told it to copy THE DIRECTORY, not everything IN the directory and not the damn folder itself. Thank god* for View by Date)) that the PCI card was new. Good thing Windows doesn't know what it's doing and I had to tell it where every damn file was. Why can it find things on a floppy, but not on a copy of a floppy? Wait, this is Windows we're talking about.

My feet are killing me.

*according to Tamara!

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