The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

A hush falls over the web page...

The lights fall... only the roar of the crowd is heard before it stalls and is silent. With the first heavy bootstep onto the stage, it catches again; this collective crowd-voice, and returns, and entire level higher, drowning out its own echoes from the PA system.

He is back. The man in black has returned, and he is stronger than ever.

What could make me stronger, in my own mind? Friends. Chris and Tamara are pretty much the coolest people ever. Talking to either of them felt like conversing with an old college pal, or a secondary school chum. Tamara and I hit it off right away at the train station. It felt like continuing a conversation that had been interrupted and postponed. It was just so natural. And though Chris is quiet, we shared at a number of moments, which just rocks my socks, cause he's pretty rad.

And what else did we learn? Well, Christ. Even in a crowd of strangers, N@ can talk and talk and talk and talk if he's been locked in his room, Emily Dickinson-style, during his off hours for the better part of a month. The word of the night was edgewise, and it wasn't getting in. (wait for it... *rimshot*) Fireworks, wrasslin, Q.M., entropy, deja/presque vu, Double Dare; I talked about EVERYTHING. Eventually, people had to leave.

Miss Syanobrakteria and Mr. Rightgeist were kind enough to let me stay over (I hope they didn't mind!) and then we got up Too Damn Early to take Chris to his train to Washington of the Mighty, Mighty D.C. Then Tamarind and I did the Jersey thing and went to a Diner for breakfast, though at the decidedly un-Jersey time of 8 AM, and then played some DreamCast. Whee, SmashPak.

The walk home from NYC was nice, if a bit sweaty. It was just too warm for my trenchcoat and layers out. I'm not complaining, but I am stinky. One might be advised to stay away.

It's nice to meet new people and old people and have fun. It's fun to joke about things, and talk about people we know, and things we've seen and songs we've heard and books we've read. It's nice to see when observations you've kept to yourself are shared, and to hear others' unique spins on things.

I really had fun. Thanks are due to Tamara and Chris for being such darn nice people. Tamara covered my breakfast! And we shared music and stuff. I played the Dismemberment Plan CD that sobriquet sent me, and she liked it. So, rad.

I'm still wired. Need to do things. Want to write more, but—

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