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Every raindrop felt like a tiny, explosive kiss of moisture on my cheeks, and on my lips. But I hung my head, and my hat shielded me from the rain. I didn't feel worthy today. I was late (twice) and I forgot my tie. Stupid. I swear I looked at my watch timer and it said 26:00 and then I looked back and it said 48:00. And they're starting to crack down on lunches. Forty-five minutes from when you leave the bank, not from when I get home. I think I will just start skipping lunch more and more. I work and feel better when I'm hungry.

Thank you for your million comments this afternoon. Yum. They taste good in my Eudora inbox. Eudora, by the way, translates from Greek to mean "good gifts." Hee.

Feeling better. I feel, though, like I'm not moving. Right now, I'm stuck in eternal power-up mode, like on DBZ. I haven't got a car picked out or anything, but I should have $2,500 saved by the end of February. I better.

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