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I am going to be spending a LOT of time listening to the Music Choice channels on digital cable. They play Rush, Hum, Aimee Mann & Michael Penn...

I'm in heaven! It's like a WinAMP playlist of songs I don't have.

You can't count the number of OH HOLY CRAP moments I've had. "I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ARE PLAYING XXXXXX!"

I am eating cinnamon rolls and trying to remember what I wanted to write yesterday and decide if I should write what I am thinking about writing today.

I'm also worried about responsibility. I have Monday off, so I shall make a concerted effort to put some work into top5. How can I hope to maintain one of the most highly trafficked lj communities if I can't even keep up with that one?

I got bored reading Brave New World this morning, so I skipped ahead to read the foreword to BNW Revisited. I like Aldous better when he's writing nonfiction. And there's one point at which he's like: "I am so George Orwell's bitch." Poor guy. I may disagree with most of the premises he build his world on, but it is the more compelling dystopia book.

Look, ma. I said, "dystopia."
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