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I have... friends?

Odd thing happened today: I hung out with friends from high school. That's not too odd, except it's me. I never hung out with people when I was in HS, let alone keeping in much touch afterwards. I have a few people, but they were mostly my age (read: underclassmen). Today, I hung out with kids from my grade. I felt odd; accepted. Thing is, the invitation had kinda always been there, but I couldn't take it for whatever reason... I saw myself still as a nerd-outcast, I had no way to get across county to all these people's houses, whatever. But today was different. It was not the same as it could have been, had I been there all along, but it felt refreshingly the same. I was talking in a diner at a quarter to four with some friends about normals and passing for normal. I've never been a normal; not since grade school, but I'm have no trouble being accepted. I should wake up and embrace that fact at some point instead of being shy.

In other news, I have decided I do in fact (fact, I tell you!) need a cel phone. Now to successfully whore myself out for the fund$.

I also want to give a shoutout to a fine hottie: Ms. AllHerRage has started a livejournal, too. The circle expands, making at least three cute babes I have enticed to start a live journal. Shit, I be pimping shit I ain't even know I was pimpin'.
And congratulations to Dysthymia, too. It's all about shitting or getting off the pot, m'boy. Here's hoping you're happy for the time being.

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