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What's funny

What's funny is that last night, right as I was finishing Blade Runner and picking up Brave New World, Demolition Man came on. For those of you who don't know, D-Man is one of the greatest B-movies ever, or is at least tied with The Last Action Hero for it's amazing ability to laugh at itself. I hadn't known that the name of Sandra Bullock's character, Lenina, was the name of a character in BNW. I had noticed that her last name, Huxley, was the same as the author of the aforementioned book. And they do refer openly to the future world of the movie as a "brave new world" at least once. It's a brilliantly referential flick that has levels far beneath the mindless action that most people took it for.

I really like how the things on the wall keep fining people for cursing, even in the middle of a fight sequence. They really paid attention to things. Plus, it has Denis Leary. And he only goes off on half a Leary-rant, which is good, because he manages to stay in character for the most part otherwise.

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