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An update, any update

Doing some interesting reading on the Tarot. I wish the High Priestess was around. Maybe we could confer.

I've got Do Androids blah blah on order, so I can finally read it and then watch Blade Runner. I can't find my LotR books, so fuck 'em. J.R.R. knows where to find me.

Sick. Ouch. I'm all dehydrated, so I've got a dehydration headache (which is basically a hangover; same mechanism).

I work late tonight, early tomorrow, and then I have my first Saturday in five or six off. I hope I am well enough to enjoy my weekend and clean my room so they can install digital cable/roadrunner for me next week. whee.

I am glad you folks liked my drawings. You have no idea how much it means to me. It's been the only good thing this week.

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