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That's how it goes...

Ugh. Nothing makes me as suicidal as total body pain. I just want it to end, and I'm starting not to care how. No sick time and everyone else at the bank taking time off as they please makes me just a might bit frustratey.

I am very subdued today. I lost 10 lbs yesterday alone. I shit you not (pun intended).

I know, gross. I didn't used to share when I felt sick; I'd just clam up and disappear and be grouchy when people found me. Well, now when I feel ick, I will share, and make you feel likewise. It's a sign of growth.

On the upside, the Meat Puppets have the ability to write a song like this and make it your favorite song ever:

There was a swirling mass of water that lived in a quiet pond
It asked permission from its Master to visit the lands beyond
And its Master allowed it to fly
So the wind swept the whirlpool across the sky

The whirlpool's mother wore a jacket she'd sewn out of dental floss
And it was stolen by a monkey that sold it to an albatross
And it had the idea to fly
so the wind swept the whirlpool across the sky

Thank you again, Sr. Bek. Ud. rocka mi casa.
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