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I make me laugh silly.

I'm listening to the Crow soundtrack (since last night when I retired Fugazi for the week), and I'm thinking to myself, Wow, I wish there was a Machines of Loving Grace song on this album. Y'know, since there are all these cool bands I always wanted to listen to in high school (The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult) that it always seemed like the cool kids who somehow managed to listen to songs not played on the radio listened to.

I'm so dumb, I didn't even realize that track 2 was a MoLG song. I had been scanning over the name repeatedly, storing the name in my subliminal mind to the extent where I wrote the band name down so that I wouldn't forget to look them up on AMG and confirm that they were, in fact, of the gothic/industrial genre of music I missed out on, not having an older brother with a vast CD collection to scrub from.

We are such silly creatures; so easy to program, so hard to comment accurately.

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