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I wasn't going to say anything.

I was ruminating on an entry regarding this last night, but declined due to extreme blah and wanting to beat the Agent level of Goldeneye (I got past my frustration with video games after talking to Jason cheered me up).

I've been more receptive to people. Usually, when I get an IM, my first reaction is a groan (I'm really not good with people), but last night, I felt more welcoming, and it was sobering. I realized that I'm still sorta used to college, when people would mostly only IM me when they wanted something. It's now okay to talk to people, though. Especially since all but one of my friends is an hour or two away (since I pretty much have to go on foot until I get into the city).

I also realized that maybe I was trying to reverse the trend I started last year of killing my wackier side. I don't jump up on tables and dance as much any more, but I'm also more withdrawn. I move in overcorrections.

My point was: thank goodness I started on this global mood upswing with increased receptivity last night. Since then, I have had two people to add to my contact list. Quelle swank.

I think the labiodental fricative is migrating to a labial fricative. Loathe is becoming love, and I do not loathe people anymore.

It is okay to touch me. I will try to smile, and I will mean it when I do.

Now all of you go away and let me contemplate this change in peace.

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