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My journal starts here. You can click on my username to see my last 50 entries. Read a little of both, and tell me what you think in...

Poll #14969 The Great 2002 Then & Now Poll!

Has my journal been better lately, or did it used to be a lot better?

It was better then.
It's better now.
Apples and oranges.
It's always rocked.
It's always sucked.

What's changed?

I was feeling all droll and blah today, but talking to Jason (in absence of a suitable Nemo) has helped. Him working somewhere with net access will help keep me a chipper Shredder. Malaise sucks because everything you try to do to combat it feels like the wrong thing. I think this really just means that I need some buds to hang with. All of my "local" friends are an hour or two away. That pretty much ruins all chances of casual hanging out. So I'm really driving to save save save every penny and get a damn car. I need some long weekends and places to crash. Some of you I want to see before the end of summer.

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