The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

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No, seriously.

One day, I might, just might, end up famous, for whatever reason.

And I will start to get jaded and depressed, and worry that I've lost touch with my fans.

This will spark a cross-country tour of small cafes and lounges, where I will be able to meet my fans very close up.

I will very probably realize that I loathe them all on a very personal level.

I'll have no trouble selling out, at that point.

Moral: Would you enjoy hanging out with your favorite author/rock star? Probably. But would they like to hang out with you? Not fucking likely, fanboy.

This is why, after a show/performance, if I run into the star, I will always just offer to shake hands, and say, "Good show, man," then walk away. Jish has seen it, and he knows how effective it is.
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