The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Mind your Q's

I started multiplying some numbers in the shower. Only just now, after seeing the Royal Tenenbaums, did I remember to finish.

If my IQ is still what it was when it was tested, I'm the intellectual equivalent of a thirty-four year old. Almost old enough to be president, but way too smart.

I wonder, at times, about my "EQ"—my emotional intelligence. It occurred to me today for the first time that it might actually be high, rather than low. I have no clue how I would test, because I don't follow society's norms of behavior. Maybe it's high because I know what those norms are, or low because I choose not to follow them.

It occurred to me because someone I know online thought I was twentifive, possibly twentisix.

Angelica Houston is still hot. Wow.

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