The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Stupid fucking good moods.

I had a post all ready, in my head, about rejection.

It seems to be the current theme in my life, mostly from women.

Hell, I had a dream last night where someone I didn't even think I was interested in told me, basically, in no uncertain terms, that she did not and could never consider me "in that way." And that I was "too young." I admit, I have some growing up to do, still, but Helen Rudewords, I can still have fun.

I should probably (and will definitely, but later, after a nap and some more 007) talk to the person who triggered this, and so I won't drag too much of it into this syndicated medium.

But really, it's okay. Because today, for the first time, I talked to the cute girl. Cute don't begin to describe it. She oughta be a model, and she ought to have a boyfriend, but I see no ring, so all's go till I hear no.

And my feet haven't touched the ground since.

I can't believe I talked to her. She was actually approachable.

"One warm word can heat three winter months."

And you're saying, so? Did you get her phone number/a date/any? And I will say no thrice over, and smile, because I have overcome a greater hurdle. I'd say I'm shy, but shy doesn't begin to cover it. I'm unabashed, until I see something pretty. Once my eye is caught, I'm all eyes; mouth and mind failing. I could stare at something beautiful for hours and never speak. The most precious love, to me, is the most silent. So much can be said without saying. And there is just so much to see, period. And no, I'm not talking about forbidden areas of skin. I mean depth.

But yes, I did get a gander at the depth of her cleavage. It was an accident. I think. I don't know; I've been male so long, I just look, without permission. Disgusting, maybe, but she didn't notice, and if she did, she didn't mind.

Damn, she was pretty. Joe, I'm charting her above (yes, above) the girl with the 140 Watt smile from Risley. The bellydancer. She's probably on par with Zuma, but less exotic. Emo girl glasses, but she doesn't look like an emo girl.

Hmm... I may have another 'in.'

And my feet still haven't touched the ground.


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