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Imperfect Dark

Store Clerk: Where do you work?
Me: A bank.
SC: Huh. You seem more interesting than that.

This guy was an archetypical Randal, too. The "Live up to my potential, yeah, riiiight." I mean, he wasn't exactly like Randal; that'd be un-Randal. Part of the Randal deal is uniqueness. He was definitely the "see through you" type. Cynical to the last; which is why it's interesting/of note that he actually seemed to think I was cool. I didn't think guys like him thought anyone other than themselves (and that, only when in public) was cool.

Got my N64, Expansion Pak, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Mario Kart. They didn't have the Smash Bros. they said they did, tho', and I was looking forward to schooling my bro on the console. We've been emulating, and it's not the same, especially if you play Ness.

I'm still amazed I can walk into a place, hand over a piece for all of thirty seconds, sign your name, and walk out with a new console and phat gamez.

I'd better get jaded before I get credit.

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