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Gravel Hovel

How can you say the word love
without opening your mouth?
This is not that poem.
See? I will say love love
love love lovelovelove
love over and over.
But will I mean it?

Will it mean anything
once it's said?
Can something unspoken
brought into the open
be anything but dead?

This brings to bear the
worthlessness of moments
spent hidden from truth
looming behind you
ready to feast.

I spend all my moments
not realizing the beast
behind me and
ready to dine.

I dissolve all my idle time
hypothesizing monsters
that do not exist
to frighten me
but to keep me
straight with myself.

And so I
mentally correct
the spelling mistakes
in the writing on the wall.

Before the class is over
I erase it all.
We have no time for a mess.

The darkness before my eyes
Polish it black
I want to see
myself in it.

"fly your flag away, and see who waves..."

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