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I am the strongest link. Good-bye.

We have a regional Christmas party tomorrow, to which I do not want to go. I stated so, despite my one boss' insistence that we would all attend, as a united front. What did I have better to do on a Tuesday night? I didn't know, but I thought that something would come up. My head teller said she would go, but she wanted at least the other teller to go. The other teller had no desire to go.

Then I made plans to hang out with Alison tomorrow. I didn't think about the Christmas party at all. Today, we were all reminded about the party, in light of the one boss being out sick today. Fortunately, I'd told my head teller about my plans, and she'd scheduled me the time off to kick it in NYC with the N to the emo. The other teller, who's off tomorrow, quickly mentioned that she had stuff to do. So now my head teller was in a quandary. To go, or not to go? We lovingly reminded her that there was a decent chance neither boss would be in ample health to attend the party, so she might just do some Christmas shopping. Tis the season to force people to do things they don't want to out of "obligation?" Hell no. Silky don't play that. You keep that shit off my wave.

I refused to cave, even though my boss reserved seats for all of us, and now no one from my branch is going, including those who wanted to/to force us to.

I am the strongest link. Good-bye.

Red X-mas, III

Jingo bells, jingo bells
Blow them all away
Orphaned children scream and run
from Belfast to Bombay, hey!

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