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Red X-mas, II

She said, "I need a little distance.
Just let me think a minute.
I can't deal with this until
the Christmas season's finit."

And it's greed that brings us bliss
Those gifts you'd better give it
Buy the most expensive tree
and pay someone to trim it.

Feel the needle's steel kiss
Infinity's the limit
Christmas day, out of my brain
It's the only way to live it

Oh, you'll bleed a little, yes miss
Right this very minute
I'll slice that dress right off your body
and yes, I think I'll skin it

Oh, we need a little Christmas,
right this very minute.
We need to feel the Christmas way

Yeah, you only get the chorus because I've made it a point never to sit through the entirety of this song. It's my least favorite "seasonal" (read: crap) tune, beating out even the imminently perky "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas." I also made it all chorus because the song always seems to droningly repeat itself like that, locked into its vicious happy-thoughts cycle, oblivious to reality's disregard for our self-imposed seasons.

"I loved the time when a little clumsy rhymin could fit the crown on your head."

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