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Shiner Party

I'm havin one. It's underway, last hour.

  • Lula Divinia
  • Splay
  • Lula Divinia
  • singles/7"s on mp3 (Floodwater, Half Empty, Sailor's Fate, Making Love, Sleep it off)
  • Lula Divinia
  • Starless
  • Lula Divinia
  • The Egg
  • Lula D

    Then, the KC pride block:
  • Season to Risk - Season to Risk/The Shattering
  • Lula D
  • Molly McGuire - Lime
  • Lula D

    Then sleep. You're all invited to bug me on IRC/AIM. I will be singing some of the better lyrics, because I am that guy.

    "What a shame, what a waste, they'll say.
    He's in hell, but we're the ones who pay.
    He's in hell, for all his selfish ways.
    What a shame, what a waste, I'm sure they'll say."


    "Head down, arms straight out
    Left without
    having sussed it out.
    Head to the sun, I've left to run."

    Six miles, six miles high. Ten feet wide and fit to die. A damned good buy. A damn goodbye...

    I'll twist my truth into a cardboard you; I'll look just like you...

    "I'll beat your best time and steal your girl from you
    I'll beat your best time and show you who's who

    I'm faster than you..."


    Jim's Lament? Probably if he messes with Psyli.

    Half-Empty = BEST

    "The debt that I've accrued
    will not be payed to you"
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