The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Song for the World

You see that girl over there?
No, not that one with the marbelized hair
She and I, we used to fuck for fun
She had my son
Now we're done

Who's that girl, you ask?
She looks a little too masculine for this mask
I hear she has a dick
of a boyfriend
named Rick

And who, praytell, is that man?
The one who's holding my hand
he leads me and feeds me
feeds me his sons
for that we're shunned

You people are shit
You're making me sick
You better quit
You better do it quick
I got a gun
a gun for fun, son.

You see this girl over here?
She seems but the slightest bit queer.
I'd fuck her for fun
and show her my gun
and fill her with much more than fear.

Before you ask about that girl over there
I sold her my soul on a bit of a dare
She fucked me for fun
She loaded my gun
And gave me one hell of a scare

And don't you ask about him
You just hold him there, pinned
We'll let him get up
Just enough to cut
He'll pay for how he's sinned

You people are shit
You're making me sick
You better quit
You better do it quick
I've got a knife
I'll take your life

I've been pinned down and pinned up
with a thorny crown and wine in my cut
Just for now, I've been laid low
I'll be back, though
Just so you know

I'll be back just so

I'll take another stab
I'll take another stab at winning
I'm gonna be back,
I'm gonna be back, grinning
to collect those who haven't stopped sinning
while the world hasn't stopped spinning
for the lack of me
I'm gonna be back, see

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