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No, seriously.

This is like the best album ever. It really is phenomenal. And, yes, I do mean best subjectively. I'm sure there are plenty of you who'd hate it, or just wouldn't dig it. But it kicks the shit out of Fugazi's End Hits, except for maaaaybe for Arpeggiator, which is somewhere in my top instrumentals of all time. Currently, it's #1, though. [I put the link in for you, SobriChris].

Seriously, though. Wait for the rerelease next year and pick it up. Grab some mp3s to tide yourself over till then.

I cannot wait to listen to Third Gear Scratch as I switch from third to fourth playing Vanishing Point. I buy myself the best presents. People need to just give me money.

Seriously, Grandma. What am I going to remember better, this CD, or the sweater you're going to buy me? I don't even WEAR sweaters.

...Not unless they're Cosby sweaters and it's for comedic effect.

Fuck this. I might just say FUCK YOU to lunch and just play VP right now. I love driving games almost as much as I love driving.

Lessons for Today: Shiner's Lula Divinia = BEST album. Fugazi's Arpeggiator = BEST (instrumental) song.

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