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Two hours and 100 entries later, I'm only 150 entries behind on lj. I have a long day today (til 6-7), so I'm sure that I will be safely behind again when I get home.

If anyone, ANYONE, bitches about being taken off my friends list, you are no true friend. And no, I'm not talking to you, the one girl (one of, rather) I still have to e-mail back, because you didn't bitch. You sent me a what's up e-mail and I am being a bastard by not responding yet.

I like to read intensively, not extensively. I am the type that reads every book in a series, front to back, before seeing the movie (just started the Philosopher's Stone yesterday). When I read someone's journal, I will go back months in search for a related post. I realize sometimes I ask to much when I expect the same from all of you (at least, those who have been reading for that long), but please realize that this is how I do things. And don't tell me to skim. I hate skimming. I like to read intensively, as I just said. I LIKE to. Don't tell me how to like things.

I made plans at work to be able to see Alison when she comes to New York City. Now I just have to get Becca to come visit, too. I miss my girls. I also need the Flu twins, Tamara and Chris, to visit (till I have a car and can visit them) once they are healthy and germ-free again. Maybe when I have a car, I can visit Anee, too, since her parents seem to be down with random guys (well, some of them, apparently) coming to visit her.

I need to update my list of CDs and clean up around here. Then I can make a list of my LPs, upload that, and then make a portal page for all my random stuff and use that to replace the current home.html on my website. By that time, my brother will be home and then I get to clean up/rearrange stuff all over again. Whee.

This has been a less-than-literary entry brought to you by the Committee to Get N@ to Work a Little Less Late, the Coalition for Consonance, and, as always, the Shiny Red Ball Corporation, Rubbertree Division.

I want to publish nonfiction science books for kids/young teens under the label of "Gee, wow!" publishing.

I need to shave, but lack the time. Whee, I guess I get to shave mutilate myself in the shower. I always cut myself without a mirror.
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