The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Fuck tha G-ride; I want tha machines that're makin 'em.

Since I was up till 6AM waxing 0racul0r with my west-coast counterpart, and then got up for work at seven, I think I will crash. I unplugged the "christmas" lights in the "backyard" to reduce the amount of light coming in my window (I have no windowshade; only my brother's Totoro silkscreen, and that only covers the top half). I also figured out that I could reach the yard light out back that shines almost directly into my room and unscrew it. Bastard super must have been watching me because by the time I got upstairs, it was already back on. At least those damn fake-ass (how can white lights be Christmas-y? Isn't white an Easter-y color?) lights haven't been plugged back in.

Next time, I'll bring my gloves and hide the damn (hot!hot!owowowow!) lightbulb. Somewhere where it won't start a fire... maybe. I could use a new apartment building.

Speaking of which, you're all wrong, btw. Well, most of you. I'm probably not getting an apartment till I go back to school, and I can't *get* back to school without wheels. And car definitely comes before apartment, or I will have no way to get to work. And since NJ Transit screwed me over for the last time, I'm not taking them ever again. So I need to drive drive drive. Even at the expense of getting a new computer. At least with my own wheels, I will be able to drive around and shop for parts without my mom bitching about being a chauffeur.

FYI, those in the NYC area: what this means is that I will have to walk/get a ride to the GWB if I am going into Manhattan. So I may be a little late next time we have a get-together. It sucks having to schlep 4-5 miles just to hop the subway, but crossing the bridge is a very nice walk, and I will save $5 round trip each time I do. Plus, no more waiting in the rain for buses that never come while asshole drivers play "Soak the Poor Kid" grazing the damn curb in fucking cold December rain.

Yes, that's what happened Saturday that put me in an even worse mood than I had awakened. Sorry if I was an asshole.

"and I can hardly stand"

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