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I'm tired of waiting. I won't buy myself a computer; not yet, but I will buy Shiner's Lula Divinia. According to the site, it's not being reissued till next fall. Fie on that. Like I've said, chances are I'll want the original version anyway, at least as a collector's item. So when I order from this place, and pay my five dollars shipping, it'd better come damn fast, and in good condition. Because if I have to send it back, it is getting sent back up some motherfucker's ass.

I'm feeling very Type A today. I have been, a lot, lately. It's in part the banking job. It's in part even more recently from Memento.

Come inside
Respect the sign
Relax, inundated
by the time

Bide your time
Caked in grime
Every single moment
a lasting crime

At last you're crying
Every single time
You were always fated
to misalign

Two missed the line
One lies dying
The other just only
escaped in time

One dies lying
The other only just
Learned to cry

The snake oil wears away
This engine gently decays
You might not have yourself
Come the passing day
Time, she has a way
She always gets her way

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