The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

My Machine...?

Vedkar: The Dell $50 rebate expired
Torak: weak
Vedkar: It's now $100
Torak: whoa
Vedkar: =D
Vedkar: Man o man
Vedkar: $1,277.00
Vedkar: That's with the 40 GB HD and no monitor
Vedkar: and 128 in it

Then I can buy some RDRAM and a trinitron monitor... I'll work on the video card later. Not a bad price for a sweet box. I plan to wipe it right out of the box (yikes! Didn't know I was supposed to do that!) so hopefully it will have none of the bugs raptorck's girlfriend has encountered.

Vedkar: Where do you recommend I buy my additional RAM?
Vedkar: So I can price it now
Torak: I myself
Torak: will always buy from:
Torak: Corsair -
Torak: Mushkin -
Torak: or Crucial -

Anyone else got suggestions?

Dell still has free shipping, right?

Update! Found a 24x CDRW for $83, including shipping. That's for a grand total of $1,261, still without monitor. By Jove, I might have my box for $1500, after all.

Things I didn't do today that I thought I would:
  • Certain e-mails (still time for that)
  • Certain phone calls
  • Any work on my domain whatsoever
  • Shower (that's now)
  • Clean up around here (well, a little, but it just got dark so fast)
  • Post my top5s
  • Get my %!%@ Harry Potter book.

    Things I did do:
  • Return to afrocity
  • Work on my newer communities
  • Price hardware
  • Plan a little of Nemo's (hypothetical) visit
  • Talk to friends
  • Catch up on lj (only to fall behind once I got re-engrossed in hardware)
  • Eat (not as obvious as you might think)
  • Feel different... ever so slightly... like today's N@ is not the same N@ as yesterday's... like a new chapter or the end of a scene has passed.
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