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Thank you, phone company!

As of today, because New Jersey is such a cesspool of overpopulation, I have to dial my OWN area code when making a local call. This includes when I dial up to get online.

I can't help but think this is somehow to help yuppies with cell phones. Yuppies with two or three cell phones, taking up all the damn numbers so that they have to start a new, overlapping area code. And now, we regular schmoes who still use regular phones have to dial three more numbers so that the yuppies don't have to dial the one all the time to call this area code.

Or something. I am just angry because this is very stupid to me, and has not be adequately explained.

I do know that if I ever get a cell phone, I want the ringer to be the sound of a J.A.P. dying.

Fucking Jersey Girls.
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