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Ghostly images die...

Funny and gorgeous? Thank you, girl-who-is-not-single, for the compliment.

I saw a card table today; the kind with the fold out legs. One of the legs was shorter than the rest, but it just looked so cute that way. Imperfections have a way of charming.

I need to improv more. From the laughs, I was definitely the funniest one there (it was my job, after all). And my lines were just so on. I think my delivery of jokes has gotten really good, and my timing. I wonder if the latter has anything to do with how much "drumming" I've been practicing.

Yeah, I'm way too dorky over (certain) girls. I'm working on calming down. Though not all the way, because that would be boring, and contrary to belief, boring is not all it's cracked up to be. It may not sound like it, but I *am* working on circulating locally (going out a bit each weekend), and not just trying to meet "intarnet hootchies."

People like me (gotta keep repeating that one, a la Stuart Smalley). Girls like me. But then, girls have always liked me. I've always been that instant confidant; like their best girlfriend only less catty and I'll never steal your man. It's good stuff; good for the soul. Go spiritual innocence.

I worry sometimes that because I am so complimentary that people write off what I say as insincere. I just don't know how else to attempt to convey the warmth and amazement that they impart to me. Sometimes I'm just overwhelmed.
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