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Please stop being so darling/interesting/intelligent/sexy/captivating. You are frequently making me lose sleep and late for work with your charms. I love you very dearly, but I think it would be better were I not addicted to you. You know who you are... or do you?
Thanks to everyone who has left/is still leaving me hardware comments. You are all the most excellent buds I could hope for. I heart j00 and j00 and j00 and j00, not to mention j00 and j00, and even j00.
This has something or nothing at all to do with my evening tonight:

Ryan: any backstory preference?
Vedkar: I had one
Vedkar: Just the other day
Ryan: yes?
Vedkar: I was born in Alsace, shortly after the second world war
Ryan: that works really well.
Vedkar: My mother was in the army, and my father was a cook
Vedkar: She survived, but he died shortly before the war ended
Vedkar: in an accident with an exploding trifle
Vedkar: To this day, I still cannot eat trifle
Ryan: But, could you not name the war, because maybe the time period is not exact. could you just say "a war"?
Vedkar: His greatest and most horrible creation still survives him; the Turducken
Ryan: what is this Turducken you speak of?
Vedkar: He created it to serve the multinational occupying troops during the American Thanksgiving
Vedkar: (
Vedkar: My mother raised me as an Andorran/Esperanto bilingual
Vedkar: Which explains my accent
Ryan: Eww, someone you know actually ate a tofurkey? those things are nasty!
Vedkar: No
Vedkar: she is not my friend
Ryan: ah. okay.
Vedkar: So, did you get all that?
Vedkar: I don't care which war, no
Ryan: Rarely does my intense dislike of a substance cause me to degenerate into such simple levels of communication but I truly feel that
tofurkey = suck.
Ryan: Yes, good story. You say you have the accent down?
Vedkar: No
Vedkar: But
Vedkar: I have two days
Ryan: And what of your status in society?
Ryan: how do you get invited to the mansion of the swanky rich folk?
Vedkar: Oh, I am the heir to the Turducken fortune
Ryan: ah.
Ryan: excellent.
Vedkar: Though I hate to cook
Vedkar: And fear kitchens
Ryan: it works.
Vedkar: Yes
Ryan: name?
Vedkar: No thank you. I had one this morning.
Vedkar: Anders Vostervoohklempftmurray.
Vedkar: You may call me Dr. V, though I hold no degree that I know of.
Ryan: That may be hard to fit on the card... we shall see.
Vedkar: Then simply write Dr. V

"Leave them-love me-lay above me. Lose your lonely ways for a fine few days."

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