The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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Please Comment!

I am going to try to buy a new computer soon, at my mother's insistence (now she wants DSL... after sitting on getting cable internet for how many months now?). My computer does not even have the 64 MB required for DSL.

I am most likely going to buy a Dell. What specs should I go for? They have a nice model starting at $900 with 128MB RAM (up to 512 upgradable), 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 (though I really want an Athlon, or do I?), 20 GB HD 7200rpm (up to 120... le drool), 17" monitor (up to 21").

BUT THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY WHAT I WANT. It is just the item on the cover.

Things I want to do with it:
  • I want to get a video card so that I may capture television programs, both video, and stills.
  • CD burner. Do I want a CD-R? CD-RW?
  • Possibly a DVD player.
  • Finally get and use a webcam.
  • What OS should I be running? 2K? WinME?
  • Run two monitors, or possibly three. We have an old monitor from the last family computer lying around, plus the one I'm using now. Think Lain's Dad.

    Things I already have for it:
  • An extra 20GB drive, which I will take out of this computer and put in the new box.
  • A scanner. Not the head-popping kind.
  • Extra monitors.

    I am willing to spend: ~$1500-1800 after extras like the video card and RAM (though RAM is apparently dirt cheap).

    Do not suggest I build my own GodBox. I will not build my own box. I don't have the time or the knowledge of compatability. I don't know why PC components cannot just live and breathe and work nicely together like Mac components, but they can't. Fucking IBM standards. I'd get a Mac, but all my shit is now PC format.

    Please give me as much information about buying a computer as you can. Please comment and do so seriously. I *really* don't want to make another mistake like I did buying this fscking Compaq.

    "You know I really couldn't love her more... even if she noticed me."
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