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Gam0r, the beast that should not be (awake)

Can't sleep. Need SoulCalibur.

Been looking into DreamCast racing games, too. Sega GT and maybe Rally 2 look good to good-ish. I've played Tokyo Xtreme, and it was okay.

Dunno about Metropolis Speed Racer. Vanishing Point if I find it cheap enough (I'd rather have fun games stocked up first so I can take a break when I get frustrated).

And of course, I need Jet Grind Radio, still.

Probably should get Golden Sun. Of course I think I'll pick up an N64 and Goldeneye at my next convenience. I now have the money for it, and I *know* I can play Goldeneye for hours and days, so I won't need lots of other games. I bet my sucker brother won't even want to deathmatch when he comes home for Christmas. We'll have to talk.

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